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Traditional Email Returns with O E Classic.

I was alerted yesterday by Dean Martineau's Top Tech Tidbits newsletter about an Email client called OE Classic. As the name might imply, it has been designed for people who miss the simplicity and ease of use of Microsoft Outlook Express.

CAPTCHAS, Have, Gone!


Have you ever been browsing the web, wanting to submit a form on a site, and you are confronted with an Edit Field with the caption, "Type the numbers in the graphic?" I have. These graphical images are known as CAPTCHAS.

I remember last Christmas we wanted to book tickets for a concert and I had to get past one of these images. But in addition to leisure, I do come across these inaccessible edit fields in both my professional and radio work.

The Future of the Music Machine Radio Show.

Hi to all

This is a very brief blog post which I'm writing as I sit here listening to country music.

This is just to say that my radio show the Music Machine will as of this coming weekend be heard on Team-FM rather than Mushroom FM.

Now before anyone starts wondering why, let me stress from the outset that this move is completely amicable. Things like this have a habit of getting completely out of hand so lets be clear about that.

Correspondence with Apple Concerning iTunes 12.4.

Hi to all

You may have noticed if you have upgraded to iTunes version 12.4, the most recent release, that there are accessibility difficulties with a primary component of the application when using screen-readers.

As a result of this, I wrote to to share my concerns. The response I received was to some extent predictable. This is disappointing because Apple have made tremendous strides in the accessibility arena, particularly on the I O S platform.

You've Got to feel the Music! A Brief Review of the Sonos Play1.


Santa was very good to me this Christmas! He brought me not one, but two Sonos Play1 devices. I'd heard about players from Sonos through internet radio and friends on Twitter who have them, and I was keen to try them, so I was very lucky to get two this year to evaluate the experience. Thanks very much Lulu!

Spot the difference. A User's Perspective of Apple Music and Spotify.

One of the talking points on Twitter this week has undoubtedly been the launch of Apple Music. This is a streaming service which allows you to hear songs of your choosing, together with finding new music to listen to and the introduction of a dedicated radio platform hosted by DJ's in America and the UK.

Why We Are Leaving the World of the Mac.

Hi everyone.

This is going to be quite a lengthy blog post, and also I know a slightly contentious one, but I wanted to chronicle my experience of my journey into the world of using an Apple Mac. It has been one of initial excitement and anticipation, but which soon turned to annoyance and frustration. Do stay with me as I get this out of my system and write it all down.

Searching with NLS Will Soon Become Even Easier!

In this short podcast, we talk about a new aspect of LeaseySearch, searching with the National Library Service in the United States.

Happy Birthday to the Global Voice!

In this short chat, we wish the Global Voice internet radio station a happy sixth birthday, and reflect on our time there.


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